Lunch With The Boss

Lunch With The Boss

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Artist: Dave Snyder

The title of this painting could be called "Lunch With Larry". Larry Shinoda created the Boss Mustang. In the early sixties Larry Shinoda was working in the GM Design Studio under Bill Mitchell. Shinoda is given credit for penning the Stingray shape for the concept car that eventually became the 1963 Corvette.

In 1968 Bunkie Knudsen was president of General Motors and was enticed by Henry Ford II to become president of Ford Motor Company. Larry Shinoda followed Knudsen to Ford and the Boss Mustang began to take shape. The dechromed smooth look and striping of the Boss is all Shinoda's doing, the rear deck lid spoiler and chin spoiler-all Shinoda. Shinoda is the Boss!

"Lunch With The Boss" is automotive artist David Snyder's tribute to Larry Shinoda. You can have "Lunch With The Boss" too. "Lunch With The Boss" is reproduced from the original painting and only 500 limited edition prints, 50 artist proofs and 10 Giclees are available. The prints, artist proofs and Giclees are hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Print Size:
17" x 26" image on 22" x 28" acid free heavy stock.

Edition Size: 500, S/N