Truck Stop Artist Proof

Truck Stop Artist Proof

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Artist: Dave Snyder

For travelers from the Midwest to the Deep South the PURE TRUCK STOP sign was a shining beacon. Take a break from the road for a meat loaf dinner or grab a cheeseburger at the restaurant - and don't forget a piece of pie. Fill up on Firebird gasoline or Energee diesel for the next leg of the trip. Long haul professionals can take advantage of services from truck inspection to a hot shower.

The transporter driver in this scene is hauling a load of 1972 El Caminos from Atlanta. In this 1972 scene we see El Camino and Chevy Pick Up drivers stop to refuel. The Chevy truck was the most popular truck from 1967-1972. Trucks were being manufactured to be more like cars - bigger motors, plush interiors and brighter trim packages. The Department of Commerce Reports 63% of 1972 American work force truck population consisted pick up trucks - taking 20% of sales away from automobiles. Trucks are big part of the American road scene.

Print Size: 18"x26" image on 22"x28" acid free heavy stock

Edition Size: 50 S/N Artist Proof